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Black Adam Incoming!

We speculated it quite some time ago
but The Rock has now confirmed it!
I find this pretty exciting, I’m sure DeadGeek will find a way to muddy my cornflakes in the morning, but tonight, what The Rock is cooking smells gooooooooood!


SDCC 2014: Batman V Superman Leaked Teaser



Last night it all kicked off at the Warner Bros. Comic Con Panel. We got our first view of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, who looked brilliant if not slightly muted colour wise.

We also got a description of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser. And it sounded epic.  Read the rest of this entry

*UPDATED* SDCC 2014: Wonder Woman Reveal and Batman V Superman Teaser



Ah San Diego…I’ve run out of Anchorman quotes without getting into a Whales anatomy. Anyway San Diego is powering on and today Warner Bros. hit up Hall H with some a little, low key something. Nothing special really.

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Dwayne Johnson In Talks With Warner Brothers For Unnamed DC Film

“We just had a big meeting w/ Warner Bros CEO re: @DCComics 2014 we will partner up and create the cool bad assery. @ActionTilson” – Dwayne Johnson, @TheRock

The facts? Both he and WB are interested in working together on a DC project. Pretty bland so far right? Well lets start the rampant speculation already!
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Gravity Trailer


This is the emotion I feel when I watch this trailer. I just really couldn’t care less about this film. I hear an annoying mix of audio and a couple nice visuals and thats about it.

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Ok, So It’s Ben Affleck


Phew! What a crazy month it’s been for the caped crusader. Rumours, speculations, nonsense, we’ve seen it all. Now we can relax*. Ben Affleck is the Bat. Read the rest of this entry

New Man Of Steel Trailer Looks Beautiful

I’m not proud of myself for saying this, but I take a certain smug satisfaction in watching Warner Brothers fumbling around trying to get the Justice League off the ground, but Man of Steel looks set to smack me in the mouth like the petulant child I am.

The marketing has wisely pushed the tone of the film which looks absolutely perfect. For me, the most interesting aspect of any “Superman” type character is the impact their arrival means for us.

My money is on Kevin Costner being the emotional centre of the film. “You are my son”

Can’t wait!

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