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Book Review: Worry Wart by Dani Abram


Over the last few weeks the subject of mental well being has been on a lot of people’s lips. What do words like depression, stress and anxiety mean? How do you help someone who suffers and how do you ask for help if you suffer yourself?

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Review: Godzilla Offers Thrills, Scares And An Enormous Lizard


It feels odd to praise a film that takes it’s cues from a 1954 film as being refreshing but Gareth Edward’s remake of Godzilla offers a welcome antidote to the current glut of obnoxious, city levelling blockbusters that we are currently being bombarded with. This 2014 model, like it’s inspiration, is a horror film first and a disaster film second and that’s a really, really good thing. Read the rest of this entry

Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the Best Marvel Film to Date and One of the Best Action Thrillers in Years.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is unlike any comic book movie you’ve seen. It’s not even really a comic book movie. It’s an action thriller that happens to have comic book characters in it. It’s intelligent, gripping and boasts some truly heart stopping set pieces. It’s comfortably Marvel Studios’ best film, it’s the best “comic book” movie since The Dark Knight and it’s one of the best action films I’ve seen in years.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review

uk_SM-N9005ZWEBTU_000213295_front_whiteSo I’ve spent the last 24 hours with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and, well I’m in love.
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Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Lord help me, I just didn’t get it.

It seems that this film has been on the horizon forever and on paper it’s a winner. Edgar Wright, creator of the sublime Spaced, the brilliant Shaun of the Dead and the very good Hot Fuzz, was to adapt Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series into a feature film. This is what’s known as a match made in heaven.

But Scott Pilgrim just isn’tquite as good as that promise and the fact that it comes so close makes it worse.

You’ve seen the trailers. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) is your typical slacker twenty something. Coasting through life, he is in a go nowhere band and in a relationship with a highschooler when  he meets and falls in love with Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Much to his surprise she returns his affections but there is a catch, he must defeat her seven evil exes.

First things first, the film is every bit as beautiful as those trailers promise. On a visual level, Wright has made an incredible film. No comic book adaptation has done this much to translate the aesthetic of a “funny book” to the screen. POWs, BANGS and WHIPS litter the screen, music comes to life and weaponry is summoned from thin air. At the moment the comic book movie is on the verge of shifting; Snyder’s Watchmen, Vaughn’s Kick-Ass and Nolan’s Batman films are all pushing the genre and experimenting with what it can do. Edgar Wright has taking it a giant leap further and on that level Scott Pilgrim is a slam dunk. Read the rest of this entry

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