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The Deadpool Movie Scriptwriter Campaigns To Get The Movie Made


Rhett Reese is encouraging fans to ‘break the internet’ to let Fox know how much we want a Deadpool Movie.
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Deadpool Footage – Now With More High Definition


Tired of blurry, poor quality cam footage of the Deadpool footage?

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Deadpool Test Reel LEAKED!

Deadpool thumb


We’re not really sure if Ryan Reynolds is still attached to Deadpool, but this is AWESOME none the less. There was some speculation that he’d left the project but according to Cinema Blend as of March this year the director Tim Miller has Ryan Reynolds ready to go! I know there were a lot of Ryan Reynolds nay sayers out there but he absolutely nailed it here.

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Channing Tatum’s Gambit Dreams Have Come True


Lauren Shuler Donner has confirmed¬†that Channing Tatum will play everyone’s favourite Cajun card thrower¬†Gambit.
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Cardiff Comic Con Cosplay Gallery – August 2013

Deadpool Launch Trailer – Babes, Dubstep and Mayhem!

Aaagggghhh! This looks ridiculously AWESOME and fantastically silly and I cant wait.

This is released in the UK on Friday, and as a little heads up the GAME Exclusive Mercenary Edition comes with the Uncanny X Force costume, plus much more.


“The only way I can actually defeat her, is by falling in love with her”

This series has been great, here are a few more for your delectation:

Classic Deadpool!

Yes there wasn’t any gameplay for the Deadpool game, but this will make your day – Deadpool vs WonderCon 2013

“Deadpool Gameplay” just released on YouTube…


New Deadpool: The Game trailer!

Cable, Bazzookas, ultra-violence and air guitar. Enough said.

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