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Black Adam Incoming!

We speculated it quite some time ago
but The Rock has now confirmed it!
I find this pretty exciting, I’m sure DeadGeek will find a way to muddy my cornflakes in the morning, but tonight, what The Rock is cooking smells gooooooooood!


Your First Look At Superman In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


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Batman Vs Superman Finally Gets a Title


… and a subtitle.

When it comes time to finally see DC’s flag ship characters tussle on the big screen we will be asking for tickets for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we’ll probably just mumble “Batman”. Read the rest of this entry

Constantine Trailer

We knew it was coming. And here it is.

Does this live up to your expectations? Or were you expecting something a little… higher budget?

It seems to be channeling that “Supernatural” vibe. I have a horrible feeling that this is going to be a complete wash out though. It just seems a little… off kilter.

I hope I’m wrong.

What do you think? Come let us know over on Facebook or Twitter.

Gotham Gets An Impressive Trailer


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Zack Snyder Will Direct The Justice League.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Greg Silverman of Warner Bros. confirmed what most people suspected, Man of Steel 2 will be followed by The Justice League. Read the rest of this entry

Dwayne Johnson sets the internet on fire again


While promoting the upcoming Hercules at this year’s CinemaCon, Dwayne Johnson had some interesting things to say about any involvement he may have in a DC Universe Movie.
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NBC have ordered a pilot for a TV series based on the DC Vertigo title HELLBLAZER starring John Constantine. We’ve already seen Keanu on screen as Constantine in the film (ironically in the Alanis Morissette way) called CONSTANTINE, and NBC have creatively chosen the same name for their series. I’m guessing a series with the word ‘Hell’ in it would be too controversial? Who knows.


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Batman Vs Superman Bows Out of the 2015 Bloodbath

Warner Bros have blinked and pushed their much anticipated Batman/Superman film back to May 2016.
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Dwayne Johnson In Talks With Warner Brothers For Unnamed DC Film

“We just had a big meeting w/ Warner Bros CEO re: @DCComics 2014 we will partner up and create the cool bad assery. @ActionTilson” – Dwayne Johnson, @TheRock

The facts? Both he and WB are interested in working together on a DC project. Pretty bland so far right? Well lets start the rampant speculation already!
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