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The Terminator Reboot Has A Title – First Step Taken to Robot Domination


So this is how it begins. Humans lose the ability to spell, we built kick ass robots, then BOOM! Robot Dystopia and it’s the end of humanity. Read the rest of this entry

Did you know…



During the later scenes Arnie had to film in Predator, where he was covered in mud (clay) and half naked, the temperature got so low at night Arnie was at risk of uncontrollable shivering and getting ill. So to combat this he tried drinking Jagertee (booze tea) to stay warm…and just got drunk!

Now watch this and thank me later:

Escape Plan – Trailer

So if you hadn’t guessed by now I’m a fan of 80s action heroes. Put more than one in the same movie and BOOM I’m a happy man-child. In the latest team up we see Sylvester Stallone, a prison escapee extraordinaire, having to team up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to escape a prison he designed. Oh and it’s escape proof. In a classic dramatic turn of events, Arnie also has to escape or he’ll kill Sly. Love it.

I’m interested to see Stallone in a more “mentally” challenging role, and of course it’s great to see both Rocky and Terminator beating the snot out of their fellow inmates. Escape Plan is hitting our screen on the 27th of September and our American cousins get it on the 18th October. (Source:IGN)

Pacific Rim – 4th Official Trailer

Ok, ok. Beardman is going to punch me. This is the 4th trailer we’ve seen for Guillermo del Toro Monsters Vs. Mechs mash up, and the countless time I’ve heard the infinite badass Idris Elba holler “Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!” and I cringe every time I hear it!

Don’t get me wrong I love all out action, balls to the wall violence, and uber cheesy one liners, but here I get the feeling this isn’t meant to be cheesy. I…I think he’s serious.

At least Arnie’s tongue was firmly implanted in his cheek when he yelled “let of some steam Bennett”, or Bruce when says “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”.

Maybe I’m just getting old dear readers. I miss Die Hard, Predator and Lethal Weapon. Films were better in the 80s.


Arnie set to produce and star in zombie flick “Maggie”

"I'll be...caring for my zombie daughter"

“I’ll be…caring for my zombie daughter”

Arnold Schwarzenegger + shooting zombies = BEST.FILM.EVER.

Arnold Schwarzenegger + caring for his infected daughter as she becomes a zombie = interesting. Maybe.

Variety have reported that our favourite Govenator has signed on for “Maggie” where a zombie plague has spread and his daughter, presumably the titular Maggie, becomes infected.

There are little details so far but production is due to start this fall. Hopefully we’ll get the slow burn, post apocalyptic, family bond drama of “The Road” mixed with some classic Arnie action. Time will tell.


Expendables 2


Way to spoil a Tuesday morning Den of Geek!

They have reported that Arnie will only be the The Expendables 2 for about 2 minutes!

Lame! In the world of emoticons, Deadgeek is colon open bracket!

Did you know…


There was a sequel written for Commando based on a book by Roderick Thorp called ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’.
Arnie wasn’t up for it and after some reworking and a new central character, Commando II became Die hard!

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