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During the filming of Batman Begins, a Chicago driver crashed into the Tumbler, while apparently drunk. His excuse? He thought Batman’s ride was a U.F.O!

Did you know…


Die Hard is 25 years old and is one of NerdArena’s favourite films. Keep your eye out for a special Die Hard article coming soon!

Did you know that when McClane had to walk through glass, Bruce was wearing rubber shoes that looked like his own bare feet? You can catch a glipse of these rubber feet during the scene as they made Willis look like he had massive feet. That’s over 10 years before Elijah Wood rocked his rubber Bilbo feet!

Comixology Servers Crash… But Not Burn

Sunday night we told you about the Marvel #1 event. We mentioned there was a bit of lag with the servers at the time. That bit of lag ended up being a full blown meltdown with the CEO of Comixology stating “We’re still struggling to keep our systems up.”

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Why Bruce Lee is badass #1


Apart form those kick ass sunglasses, Bruce ‘I’m ‘ard’ Lee once ended a fight challenge in 11 seconds by landing 15 punches and a knockout kick to the face!

In ’62 Lee was challenged by what can only described as a whiney punk with a grudge. This guy pushed Lee around for a few months until Lee agreed to a three two-minute rounds fight, winner being the one who knocked the other down our out in two of the three rounds. To quote everyone’s favourite Colonial Marine – “Game over man, game over!”

Lee rocked up in his casual kicks and Mr foolish as I’m going to call him turned up in full fighting gear. Did him good… Lee deflected Mr foolish’s initial kick with his right forearm and punched him in the face with his left.

Lee deflected a couple more punches, as you’d expect and then landed a barrage of his own driving Foolish Bob against the wall. Monsieur Foolish tried to grab Lee’s arm, but, and I quote “Lee responded by a double fist punch to the face and chest, followed by a kick to the nose, which produced a nosebleed and a knockout

Legen – wait for it – DARY!

Did you know…


OJ Simpson was originally thought of for the role of the Terminator, but James Cameron didn’t think OJ would be a believable killer!

Did you know…


I KNEW IT! This isn’t the kind of stuff we normally report on here at Nerdarena but imma do it anyway!

The noise you hear when you crack your knuckles is bubbles bursting in the fluid surrounding the joint!


So there Deadgeek’s mum and nan!


Did you know…


Vernon Wells originally auditioned for the role of Bennett but didn’t get it.
The actor who got the role was fired by the director on the first day of filming, and Wells was hired!
The best part?
The production team didn’t have time to give Wells a new costume, so Wells had to fit into the previous actors threads which were too small for him, and this is why Bennetts clothes seem tight.
Stylish…but tight!

Did you know…


There was a sequel written for Commando based on a book by Roderick Thorp called ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’.
Arnie wasn’t up for it and after some reworking and a new central character, Commando II became Die hard!

Did you know…


Brian Blessed was rumoured to play Odin in the movie Thor!

How cool would that have been!? THOOOR!!

I liked Hopkins but the Big Bri would have been epic!

Did you know…


Yippee-ki-yay means “here eat this” in Urdu!

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