Checkpoint Gaming Lounge Coming To CARDIFF! But They Need Your Help!

Us nerds are actually very social creatures, as long as we’re in the right environment. Checkpoint Gaming Lounge is aiming to create that environment. You can sit back, chat about games – getting excited about next weeks releases over a beer, and the best part – everyone else is going to nerd out with you. Or you could get some lunch with your mates while hammering out Mileena’s fatality against your nemesis who’s beat your face in more times than you can count, BUT NOT THIS TIME!

But Checkpoint can’t do this without some help from you. This whole thing is groundbreaking for Wales. There is nothing like this in the country yet.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for this for a looooong time. Nerds of a certain age will remember GamesMaster, this pretty much set the scene for spectating gaming in the UK, even during a time when it was against the grain to have anyone over the age of 13 playing computer games. But there was a crazy amount of fun to be had just watching the crowd go nuts after an insane challenge was completed just in the nick of time! Just imagine being IN the crowd!

Roll on 20 years and computer games are widely accepted by society as “the norm”. You have your Call of Duty, Fifa, Batman, Assassins Creed, the list goes on. You can create a CoD or Counter Strike clan with your mates and play scrimmages against other teams online. And it gets sooooo exciting!

Imagine this – you play an important match, one that moves your clan closer to the top of the league. You’re the last member of your team left standing, the crate across the courtyard would make an ideal vantage point, you check your corners and make a dash for it, suddenly you see the final remaining opponent also making a dash across the open terrain, you spot each other simultaneously but your reactions are faster!! BOOM HEADSHOT! YES! You win the game for your clan!! You raise your hand for a victorious high five with your team mates… but.. you’re alone. Playing online. In your house.

Point is, you can never get the same sense of elation and success as when you share it with your mates. Oh it’s fun playing online, but being able to share your victory side by side is where the real sense of pride, joy and camaraderie comes from. And so this is one of the many reasons Cardiff needs the Kickstarter to be successful.

On top of this Checkpoint are also making space for tabletop gamers. Since Wil Wheatons Tabletop launched a few years ago board gaming has reached new heights. It’s gaining traction and steam all the time, with games getting Kickstarted left right and centre. Cardiff’s very own Rules of Play and Firestorm are sharing in the success of the boost in tabletop gaming by being busier than ever! Firestorm even moved to a larger premises earlier this year to accommodate all their customers! Rules of Play have had great success with their organised events at the Urban Taphouse and are going to be building on this success with Checkpoint by organising events there for a variety of games!

To make this vision a reality we need to help out where we can! You can be a huge help by chipping in over on Checkpoint Gaming Lounges Kickstarter. It doesn’t have to be your life savings – but if you have some disposable income and you’re an avid gamer and like to spend time with your mates playing games, send some over to Checkpoint. Cardiff’s, nay, Wales’ nerds need this. Plus, you’ll get some sweet loot depending on how much you pledge with rewards ranging from naming a cocktail on the drinks menu (“That Shoryuken packs a punch”) to naming one of the gaming PC’s your fellow gamers will be playing on. You can even – for a cool £5000 – take over the Lounge for the whole night, host your very own party and have £500 behind the bar for food and drink!

So what are you waiting for?! Lets get this Nirvana funded!

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