Nerd Heaven In Avengers:Age of Ultron

First things first. The trailer:


Marvel are continuing to knock their Cinematic Universe out of the park. They know exactly what we want and they’re giving it to us. HULKBUSTER! YESSSSSSSS!

After that trailer I would say it is impossible this could be a poor film. That suspense and tension all build with the final chilling reveal of Ultron, and James Spaders voiceover is flawless all through.

I may have missed it on first run through, but didn’t pick up on any obvious signs of Paul Bettany as Vision.

As Marvel are climbing the cinematic heights, DC seem to be floundering and clutching at every little piece of attention they can get. They’ve announced the titles of almost all their cinematic releases for the next 6 years, which, to me, reeks of desperation. “Looks guys! Look what we got, you wanna see this right? Right? Yea! Come see it, it’ll have these characters in it you really like!”

By not gauging the reception to Batman v Superman I think DC have made a misstep in that they have now committed to all these movies, but there’s no guarantee people will enjoy them. This could prove to be the biggest faux pa in the history of cinema.

183 days to go…..

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